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The main intent of this web site is to help students do research for school essays.

You are presented a list of statements concerning the individual you are researching. Each of these statements can be made into a topic sentence and a paragraph written up about that topic.

There is much more information that can be found through using the reference links if you want to look for it. All you have to do is check out the links that are provided for you to do further research. Do some looking around for details and, if necessary, use the Google search engine feature to find additional related web sites.

It is important that you not plagiarize (copy sentences word-for-word from the web sites). As Webmaster, I give you permission to copy the sentences on Canada Heros word-for-word if you wish but it is best to change the sentence around a bit if you can.

If you want to support or emphasize something, you can sometimes copy word-for-word from the web sites as long as you (a) put quotation marks around the sentence or sentences you are copying, (b) copy the statement exactly as it is on the web site, (c) put a small number at the end of what you have quoted, and (d) use that number at the end of your essay and state where the statement is taken from. (Please check with your teacher to see if he or she prefers you do it another way.)

A good essay WILL include several direct quotes taken from websites or books to support what you are writing about. There is nothing wrong in doing this and it helps to show your teacher that you have done your research!

TIP: Use a browser that supports multiple tabs so you can open the various reference sites in addition to Canada Heros at the same time. You can work on an essay faster when you have several tabs open and can quickly move from one reference site tab to another.

TIP: Look for links or buttons that might show you more details on how to write an essay. I have spotted them on various pages so that you have to look for them.

TIP: If you wish to make a hero nomination, have a look at the letters that were submitted by one class from Kapuskasing, Ontario. Click here to see a Special Contribution.

Please report any incorrect information on Canada Heros and let me know of any broken links. I would really appreciate hearing from you and encourage you to make a nomination for some other hero to be included on this web site.

To keep Canada Heros as a free website to you, I have had to recently put more advertisements on my pages to help offset my web site expenses. These sponsored links will bring in advertisements that are popup and virus free and often give you additional related information that you can use in your project. Be sure to read what the ad is about first before you click on the ad.

I am now also including some related links which you might find useful on  Resource Web Sites. If you wish to have a link added here, please email the information.

Don Jones,
Webmaster, Canada Heros

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